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The Sixth Chamber Crippled Souls CD

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THE SIXTH CHAMBER Crippled Souls - Recorded in 2003-2004 in Los Angeles, CA, shelved until 2013! Sound is a dark, desperate and morose mix of metal-tinged proto-punk, a true time capsule ready to take you to the depths. Here was a band that unflinchingly dared to buck the trends and boldly carry the banner of rock ā€˜nā€™ roll during the musical Gilded Age of the early 2000s that was inundated with trendy hipster techno and rap rock. Lineup includes Rahne Pistor - vocals, bass guitar; Sevan Kand - guitars; Palo Henderson - guitars; Joel Gausten - drums. Pistor and Gausten were not long off a previous stint together as the east coast rhythm section for original Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele at the time. Crippled Souls CD copy includes full lyric booklet with distorting mirror images by 1960s experimental filmmaker Leland Auslender shot in 2003. Mixed by the legendary LA punk rocker Geza X (producer of Black Flag, The Germs, Dead Kennedys, Meredith Brooks, Primus, etc). Don't remain another day in musical purgatory. Order your CD copy of The Sixth Chamber Crippled Souls album today!